Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm baaaaaaaack...

Yep, back to the real world.
Myrtle Beach was nice (yep, just nice). Ophelia was off the coast the whole time and that made for rough surf and breezy weather... but really nice temperatures.

This picture of Ophelia pretty much matches my life lately... pure turmoil.

I got back on Monday. Tuesday I had an appointment with a physiatrist. I have been having problems with my neck since my motorcycle accident in 2000. In the last year or so, the pain has gotten quite bad. The physiatrist gave me some injections. He said that for some people, the pain relief from the injections last months. For me it lasted a little over an hour... figures. They are also going to set me up with a physical therapist... joy.

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Lorena said...

welcome back! hope you are feeling better :)