Sunday, January 22, 2006

he said, she said...

And just what the hell did he mean "I do love you, just not the way you love me"? What the fuck did that mean? She never wanted him to love her in any way other than His Way. She never asked anything of him really. She never asked him to leave... She's not sure she'd even want him to.

Did she want things the way they were? Yes!
Did she want time alone with him? You betcha!
Did she want him to want her??? Absolutely!
But did she want him... or anyone... 24/7? No. No way!

She never expected anything from him. How COULD she? But what did make her crazy was that he invited her into his life... into his lifestyle. Then he all but ignored her!
That Bites!


haikukamunga said...

hmmmmm....bitter much?

Good to get THAT out.

peg said...

someone once told me
"never repress!"