Monday, March 27, 2006

in good faith...

Do you know how many songs are called "Honesty"?
Or have the word in their titles??

Well, me neither... but it sure seems like there are an awful lot of them.

Billy Joel's "Honesty"... Rodney Atkins, Alex Parks, Sevendust, Wakefield, Rosie Gaines, Youth of Today, Britney.
Elton John's "Sweet Honesty", Urge Overkill's "Honesty Flies", Thin Lizzy "Honesty Is No Excuse", Madonna's "Your Honesty", Unni Wilhelmsen's "Everyone's Honesty", LeAnn Rimes - "Sweet Honesty", Bananarama: Love Truth And Honesty, Billy Talent: Try Honesty... just to name a few.
THEN there is the word HONEST:
Honest by Kendall Payne, Verve Pipe, Bob Dylan's Honest With Me,
Daniel Bedingfield's Honest Questions, K-CI & JOJO: Honest Lover, The Rolling Stones: Honest I Do, Almost Honest by Josh Kelley, Bic Runga: Honest Goodbyes, Hard Times For An Honest Man by John Mellencamp.

Obviously, I'm not the only person wishing for a little honesty!

what reason to lie?
can hurting me be your fear?
honesty's the thing


SE said...

Believe in others
Always honest to yourself
life will be so grand!

peg said...

You're so right!

Anonymous said...

how much faith do you have in your friends? Do you think they are not honest with you or are you not honest with them?

peg said...

If you mean real friends... I have complete faith in them.

If you mean acquaintances, casual friends... they have to earn it.

haikurate said...

Hey...I bet you got great friends, super chick like you.

Rick said...

A moth and flame,
Their union forbidden;
Dance, never the less