Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where does the %#@* comma go anyway?

I'm also reading this right now and it is hilarious!

This quote from the book had me rolling in the floor:
"'Guess with whom I have a date Saturday Night'? People who talk like this, you and I well know, can't get a date at all. Ever. Most of them must make do with fuzzy memories of a middle school English teacher or with a surreptitiously acquired snapshot of the local librarian."

And did you know The Simpsons is the most grammatically and linguistically savvy show on television? It is, according to the author.

Oh, you're going to love the story about the panda that goes to Niagara Falls.

The answer to the title question? Where does the %#@* comma go anyway? Casagrande says, "Good News: No one knows how to use these things."

I Googled "The Simpsons" and "Grammar" and I found this blog:
HeiDeas Linguistics, science, books, movies, cartoons, what haveyou.
Pretty cool stuff.


Lady Calliah said...

As someone who DOES know how to use those things, (pause for dramatic affect), I have to say it's TRUE! No One DOES! LOL

Thanks for bringing the book to my attention, though. I'll definitely have to check it out :)

peg said...

Hi Lady!!
You will love the book. It's very funny.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

alot ov peepal r speling Nazis. hav u evar knoticed?

Tax fur d linx

peg said...

Oops, busted!
I can be a bit of a tyrant sometimes.