Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Posse perplexity...

"It is all too clear that you don't want any thing to do with me, so I won't bother you anymore."

Actually, I'd wager that nothing is clear to you at all.

You know.... I'm just a little weary of (SOME of) my friends being selfish, impatient, demanding, snide, etc.
I thought you understood that I had a direction and purpose in going to school.

I thought everyone was happy for me.

Then WHY do I keep hearing "We never see you anymore" "Where the hell have you been?" "You don't care about me/us anymore" Some of you say nothing at all TO ME... you just make the catty remarks in front of Bestest RoomMate so you know it will get back to me (After all, she cares about me and my feelings). Some of you don't even answer a simple email... nothing!

Hell, I've even heard, when Bestest RoomMate wants to spend time to herself, that I've been a bad influence on Her!?!?! I've been referred to lately as her "Ball and Chain"!
What the ???
I've been told that I've become "boring".

Perhaps they all think they are being humorous... but it's starting to annoy... hurt even.

Is it just that everyone is missing me and they don't really know how to express it? Are they jealous that I have a direction that I'm excited about???
And I AM excited. Massage school energizes me, engages me, thrills me. "C" understands... maybe he's the only one who really does!

(And you know, one person in particular has no RIGHT at all to be upset or jealous.... since they removed themselves from my life, for all intents and purposes, long ago.)

Good lord people... school is only a year and I've just begun!

Ah well, perhaps I should just take Booger's advice....

"fuck 'em! After all..."
if they don't understand you
they'll get over it


omsimuh said...

actually, SOME of your friends may be thrilled and/or somewhat jealous/envious of your new direction

peg said...

I agree.... but I'd like to think they wouldn't let jealousy affect how they treat me. Or if they are "thrilled" then why can't they express that?

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Ever think that you are just too sensitive and your "Bestest RoomMate" may be over doing the truth? Go to all these people and confront them. Or are you scared?

peg said...

You don't know my "bestest roommate" or you wouldn't say that. But have no fear... I've chatted with all the principals and we're doing much better.