Friday, August 29, 2008

Haiku Friday...

always believe it
my touch is forever here
waiting for the word

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Anonymous said...

Your tears glisten, laced with pain.
The crescent moon hangs in the past pale with sickness.
Cool night, too long turns to frost.
Who is on the tower frozen in despair?
The rain drums lightly on a crimson pane.
Your destiny is written on paper fluttering in the wind.
Distant dreams rise like incense.
Melting into the night is her image.
Flowers fall weeping to the ground.
Traces of her smile on a yellowing scroll.
Your heart now empty.
Blossoms of evening air beauty undimmed scatter everywhere.
Your armor is shredded by the loves lost.
A fate hard to swallow.
The sky slowly brightens into morning.
Your sighs are a silk soft of weave heard from a night of sorrow.
So fragile, so spare.