Wednesday, October 22, 2008

and she says...

"some friend you are... haha"
You know how, when someone says something in a joking manner but you KNOW they mean it?
Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Well, Dear... let me ask you this, Where have YOU been? hmmm? Where were you when I needed a shoulder? I emailed, I called, I texted... I sent Christmas wishes, New Years texts, Birthday greetings. All to no avail. At the most, I got an accusing text recently which I admit I responded to very badly, it really hurt my feelings. And I apologized for the way I handled it.
Yes, I know things have been bad for you lately. But what about before that? Busy, you say. No kidding! You too huh?

I asked our mutual friend over and over if he knew WHAT exactly happened... he had no answers for me. Did I do something? Was it the last time we were together? I'm thinking it is. That was a strange time. You were... different. Did I do something to hurt you? If so, I had no idea and would never do so intentionally.

I don't know why I texted you this morning... I just wanted to know if you were okay. But I never expected a response... I never do anymore.

Why DID you call me back? Tell me... I'm listening.

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