Saturday, February 21, 2009

feelin' needy...

how do I endure?
I'd be a fool to say it
want you in my life

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Rick said...

Your haiku reminded me of something I wrote a long time ago:

I stand here late at night, beside a roaring fire
With a handful of old poems that I wrote for you before
My head tells me to throw them down into the pyre
My hearts says hang on to them, fool, just for one day more

I knew you could not be my muse forever
Missing your hair, and voice, and face is my regret
I'll cherish every moment that we had together
Even though, the saddest thing is that we never met

Upon you for this I can not now lay the blame
Flower of springtime, I'm destined for fall
Before you go I must thank you, my life is better since you came.
Though late at night, your name I'll sometimes call

It's nearly dawn, the fire dying, stars fade one by one
I'm standing here with old poems, waiting for the sun.