Saturday, July 17, 2010

What the heck is Upcycling??

Just what I need... a new obsession! I'm not OCD but I play one on... yeah, bad joke.

No, I'm not diagnosed OCD but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm borderline in a few areas.

Along comes TerraCycle to provide me with just one more project to consume time and mind. However, this one is good for the planet and contributes to charity as well. So it can't be all bad to be obsessed, right?

TerraCycle makes eco-friendly products from lots of different non-recyclable waste materials and these products are quite affordable. Sure, you can take your plastic, glass and aluminum containers to your local station or leave on your curb to go to the recycler... but what about those potato chip bags, cookie wrappers, tape dispensers? Now you have a much more attractive alternative to dropping them at the local landfill. Not only does this help the planet but TerraCycle will "Pay" you for your work by contributing to your charity of choice. And on top of that, you can purchase these way-cool products from TerraCycle.

If we can make this work... really work, we can eliminate waste. Just think of that!

You can be a part of this awesome idea. Join a "Brigade" at and start collecting. Get your kids involved, get them to get their friends involved. While you're at it, take a look at TerraCycle's fan page on Facebook. There's tons of helpful info there.

If you'd like to join OUR team... send me your email addy!

We can start a Revolution!!

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