Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's been a long day...

While driving home from an unusually difficult workout, Peg thought through the possible reasons for her atypical disposition.
Feelings she would describe as less than her usual Joie de vivre were evident, yet she couldn't discern their cause. Maybe it was a general dis-ease following the strange events of the last week. Although she had been excited and energized by the unexpected earthquake, perhaps she was now experiencing some mild form of post-traumatic reaction. Then of course there was the hurricane, certainly a bit more stressful than a typical August day in central Virginia.
It could simply be a reaction to the unprecedented amounts of alcohol she consumed at Sidewalk the day after the storm. Having awoken to a neighborhood still without power, she went into the city in search of breakfast and solidarity... Sidewalk offered both of these, not to mention a well stocked bar.

Finally seated at a booth in the back corner of the small, yet charming eatery... Peg saw her friends enter and she waved them to their seats.
They ordered food and drinks... of course she'd already had one Bloody while waiting - Tequila instead of vodka, her usual M.O. Now she switched drinks, though NOT liquors... she ordered a Tequila Sunrise, a real blast from the past.

The food came and went and Peg hardly remembered consuming any. It was evident to her friends if not to her that she had had a bit too much to drink. She began to understand her drinks had consisted of the infamous "Edwina Pour". Well, she thought, there was no electricity at home so no real reason to rush anyway. But really... how long could she continue to take up real estate in the busy pub? All this ran through her not completely coherent brain as her phone chirped... that little noise it makes when a text message is waiting.
"I'm on my way to you." it said.
Heart fluttered, pulse quickened and a bit of a blush evidenced itself as she realized she was very excited... you know, in THAT way.
Well, she thought... this day is looking vastly improved.

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