Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh, Rats!!

Interesting article.

A good line regarding D.C.: "Something has to be between us and Virginia—and, oh, hey, it happens to be you."

I like the analogies (and trust me, analogies usually annoy me)... and if I may add to that,

If DC is "...the... sensitive kid, upper-middle-class, high achiever."
And Baltimore is "... this other girl (Baltimore), a loner, working-class (not too hard on the eyes in an earthy, winsome way)"

Perhaps the south (VA?) is: the sturdy, homespun but pretty girl you met in Vo-Ag class, who could do anything from rearing babies, planting a garden and changing the brakes on her car... at the same time... not the prom queen but someone with whom you knew you could spend your life.

We (southerners) pretty much think of N.Y. as the "big city", Baltimore as urban, historic, quaint and we mostly think of D.C. as ... dirty, literally AND figuratively.

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