Monday, March 21, 2005

on the need for protective equipment

Recently, I was discussing the need for protective equipment during various activities. Such as:

SKATING sounds like an increasingly dangerous activity! Funny, I don't remember ever using much protective equipment when I went to Skateland as a teenager.

Has the activity gotten MORE hazardous? Or have individuals started taking more risks in this activity? It sounds like there is a need for extensive research and experimentation. And since I have a penchant for scientific research, I believe I will dedicate myself to this worthwhile endeavor.

I do remember remaining in an upright position most of the time I Skated in my youth. So, I guess I was pretty good at it.
It has been mentioned that eye protection is necessary. Since I wear glasses (albeit not shatterproof) I believe this is sufficient. However, I certainly wouldn't want any "sanctions" or "punishments" from the management for removal of any prescribed protective gear.
I've found that some protective equipment can be quite constricting. It seems to me that more mobility would be in order... not LESS. So, is there a "trade-off" of sorts? Must we sacrifice safety for mobility? or vice versa? Perhaps the need is for better equipment. Unless, of course, you are the sort that somehow gets some pleasure
from physical discomfort. I understand there are some people in this category, though I'm certainly not one of them.
I can categorically say that some Skating footwear can be most uncomfortable... the pinching can be almost unbearable. Thankfully, the last time I Skated, the pain subsided just in time to fully enjoy the culmination of the experience. Or maybe I just got used to the pain (?? can acceptance of pain somehow evolve into a desire for pain? hmmm).
The cool down period after the Skating exercise was also most enjoyable. It is important to cool down after any and all strenuous activity. I made sure to thank the management for their hospitality and I conveyed to them my desire to return again SOON!
It is said that "Practice makes perfect" and as I will never be perfect (and who would WANT to be? as there would be no further need for practice)... I WOULD like to attain a near "nirvana" like state by becoming as close to perfect as possible.

(now removing tongue from cheek... what do you think, P.M.?)


Anonymous said...

crimson cheeks betray
shy eyes turned down entice me
vulnerable, exposed

Anonymous said...

safety is a myth
protection cannot be found
want is destiny