Thursday, July 07, 2005

Karaoke-ing again...

I've been so blue lately (relationships falling apart can do that I guess) I think this was just what I needed. Singing makes me feel better... at least for a while.

The joint I go to for Karaoke on Fridays decided to try it out on Wednesday nite also. So my K.J. (that's a Karaoke Jockey, btw) Amanda was there all set up and ready to go.
The place was dead... D-E-A-D! Hardly anyone there. Now that ain't good for business but it IS good for those of us that want to try some Never-Before-Tried songs.
After singing a couple of my old standbys: Carnival (Natalie Merchant) and Get This Party Started (Pink), I tried some new stuff (new to me anyway):

Shut Up And Kiss Me (Mary Chapin-Carpenter)
Don't Turn Around (Ace of Base)
You're So Vain (Carly Simon)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (the Michael Buble' version)

That was a lot of fun. Amanda tried out some new ones too, as well as Melissa the bartender. Oh and "Elvis" was there (sans costume)... remind me to tell you about "Elvis" sometime! Heh!

So did I miss the "crowd"? Nope, not a bit. Besides, we'll be back up there on Friday!


Lady Calliah said...

well, you need to get a recording of this singing online for us, dammit :)

Ever tried any of melissa Etheridge's stuff?

peg said...

well, not in front of people. As deep as her voice sounds... she has a range I'm not sure I can do. I may try though.

Zube Girl said...

I have never tried karaoke, but it seems like so much fun! I try to keep my singing to the shower and the car. Really, it's for the good of other people's ears. :-)

Sorry you've been blue. Hang in there.

peg said...

thanks, Zube!!

Tara Tainton said...

Music does tend to have that kind of power over us, doesn't it? :) I can be completely depressed then just think to play a favorite song, and I can actually begin to wonder how I got so low in the first place. Add singing and dancing to the mix and you've got a powerful concoction!

Have you put any more thought into your pen name?? ;)

peg said...

yes, Tara...
I think so. Will email you.