Sunday, July 10, 2005


Here's one of my tattoos:

I love chiles!

I have another tattoo... on my shoulder. I would post a photo... but I don't have one right now. Soon, promise.

Anyway, I think I want another one. I'm not sure where I want it (I'm thinking the lower abdomen just above mons pubis... whatcha think??) or WHAT I actually want.... hmmmm.


Zube Girl said...

Love the chili tat!

I so want another tattoo (I've got three). Problem is, Zube Boy doesn't dig on tats. I go through this inner argument of, well, who cares, it's not his bod, but then again the whole point is that I think they're sexy, and if he doesn't, la la, ad nauseum.

If you get another, I will live vicariously through you!

peg said...

Zube Girl,

Lady Calliah said...

lol peg, you're positively gaining slut stature :)

as for the tat, why not something Kinnnnky, like the bdsm symbol :D


peg said...

HAH! Considering the subject of my 2nd tattoo... that would probably fit well.
The one on my shoulder is a Tai Chi (aka Yin/Yang).

Smoking Tongue said...

Awesome tattoo! I should consider something like this...

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