Tuesday, October 04, 2005

G'day mate! Werzie's back!!

Well, not BACK exactly but Back Online! Woohoo!

Werzie and I met when we were about... oh... 12 or 13 years old. We went to school together, spent tons of time together, GREW UP together. I was in her wedding (the first one anyway). I'd have been there when her children were born (I'm Auntie Peg!)... but they were born in Australia, for heaven's sake! Yup, she lives in OZ now, cool huh? Anyway, she has "spells" of being online. On for weeks then she disappears... she blamed it on her kids (haha). Some of you know where she's coming from... kids always wanting to be on the computer and you never get YOUR time. But now she has her own PC and no more excuses... Right Werzie???

Werzie got back online and read my many "Where are you?" emails and then she came here to check out the blog. She found out all about my latest trials and tribulations. And then she tracked me down. I'm so glad!
Love you girl!

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