Monday, October 31, 2005


two thousand years past
in the wood, druidic dance
samhain once again


Rick said...

Halloween Haiku

Black French Maid costume
Concentration ruptured -
What was I writing?

Lady Calliah said...

hey, that was neat peg!

BTW - did you see that Pat Cornwell's new one is out??

Also, you have to check out Catherine Coulter's FBI series - I know you'll be as quickly hooked as me!


peg said...

yes! I did... I'm dying to go get it.
I haven't tried of Coulter's stuff yet, will put it on my "to read" list.

ct4s said...

quando, quando, QUANDO....when when when will we see our siren return to the www?

peg said...

It seems like things just aren't cooperating for me lately... I swear, I'm not gone. And I will post soon... promise.