Monday, July 16, 2007

Stress, stress and more stress...

As I mentioned, someone who is very important to me is having problems.... no, he's having a crisis. I posted that, now that I know the details, I wasn't internalizing it so much.... Yeah, Right!

I'm a wreck! Not as bad as he is of course... but I'm feeling so much of it.

I have been trying (to no avail it seems) to convince him that negativity begets negative.

And it does! Have you ever noticed when you feel beaten down and walked on... more bad stuff happens. "What Else could go Wrong??" The more you say "Oh Woe is Me..." the more woe you get? And when things are going great... and you say "I feel fabulous"... well things just go your way, you're "on a Roll"??

In his book Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers quotes Dr Moshé Feldenkrais:

'All negative emotion is expressed as flexion'

Myers says further, in Anatomy Trains:

"The general truth of this simple statement is brought home to any observer of human behavior every day. We see the hunch of anger, the slump of depression, or the cringe of fear many times and in many different forms."

I can see my friend's posture changing. I can see him "folding" inward... and it breaks my heart. I know he will survive whether he knows it or not... I know this change will not destroy him. It might even be the best possible thing for him. I've been trying to convince him of that.

But as he frequently says, "Time will tell..."

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Lady Calliah said...

as I'm sure you remember when you were in the middle of your hard times (i.e. divorce), at the time, it doesn't feel like it'll end. I can completely relate to your friend right now, though I don't know what the source is for me. It's good that you're being his friend, but try not to let yourself get dragged down into the depths too.