Tuesday, December 02, 2008

La Fee Verte... part deux

Okay, I'm a little worried.

On my way to my evening job at the clinic I stopped at the ABC Store (for the uninitiated that's the Dept. of Alcohol Beverage Control... because we in Virginia can't be trusted to get our booze from anyone but the gov't. But I digress...).

I was looking for another brand of Absinthe to compare to the one my friend gave me. In addition to the Kübler I found 3 more brands at the store I visited: Grande Absente, Le Tourment Vert & Lucid. I bought the Lucid, mostly because it had two glasses and an absinthe spoon. The flavor is very different from the Kübler which has a very pronounced anise flavor (think very good licorice candy... um... Panda maybe?). Lucid is heavier on the herbal/bitter flavor. Where Kübler has a pleasant flavor Lucid has a more medicinal taste.

BUT Lucid packs a Wallop!

I noticed how my body reacted to Absinthe in comparison to other alcoholic beverages. I used to drink Tequila exclusively then a couple of years ago I started drinking Gin & Tonics. With both, the effect begins with my neck and shoulders, basically a muscle relaxant. But with absinthe the first thing that happened to me was my face got numb, weird but not unpleasant. Then, either the effect wore off or I forgot all about it as I started to feel good all over... just plain GOOD (not to mention a little horny, but that might have been the company more than the drink).

When I fixed my drink of Lucid last night, I used the new glass and spoon and performed the ritual with sugar cube and ice water. That's part of the allure I think.

I noticed how my lips went numb almost immediately... the effect was much more pronounced than with the Kübler. Again, not unpleasant. I'm wondering if the punch of Lucid will make up for the less pleasant taste. Maybe use Kübler for sipping and Lucid for mixing?


I finally went to bed around midnight and woke up... immediately... six hours later. No, really... that's how it felt, my head hit the pillow and then the alarm went off. But not in a bad way, actually I felt rested. When I got out of bed I noticed there was NO PAIN... anywhere. Wow, I hadn't felt this good in the morning since before I ran out of oxycontin... hah.

I was relating all this to my roommate. I said how good I felt then it dawned on me, this might not be a completely good thing.

Mind you, I've always been quite resistant to drugs and alcohol... which probably contributes to my not having an addictive personality (except for my addiction to certain people). But for some reason I was feeling that an absinthe every evening to sleep might not be the thing to do.

I don't drink that much and I rarely drink at home. But my roomy put it in perspective for me.

"Peg, it's only one drink for god's sake"

Heh, okay... Here's to Self-Medication.



Smart as Shat said...

I love how absinthe affects people differently than normal alcohol. It's also interesting to learn the specific effects people feel. When I drink absinthe, I feel really loopy. Not a drunk-loopy, but like my psyche is on an extreme roller coaster. It's surprising how little absinthe it takes to have a cool effect, and is therefore very economical, despite its apparent high cost. Keep writing about your absventures! I like it!

peg said...

hah, is that all you like? should I write about "other" activities you're indulged in?