Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ring-ding, ring-ding... tis the season.

Below is an email from a fellow Harley Owners Group Chapter member.

It's true we (bikers) do a lot of charity events and it's true that a lot of the population think we're just "bikers", "ruffians" etc.

This truly warms my heart.

I went to Michael's today to get some flowers to do some last minute crafts. You know the people who stand outside the stores and hold the bells and gather donations for the Salvation Army, well there was this sweet little old lady out there. She looked so cold. I walked passed her when I went in and she smiled at me and I saw that she noticed my jacket, yes I was wearing my Harley gear. When I came out from shopping I walked over to her and told her that they needed to give them credit card machines, I didn't carry cash and I was really sorry because I felt horrible walking into the store buying myself things and not giving any money to help benefit her cause. She looked at me and smiled, she grabbed my hand gently and said, "Oh my dear dear child, don't you think twice about that, I read in the newspaper about all that you guys do for the children and charities in the area. You all do your part all year round. God Bless your Chapter and may God be with you all always."

So if you can pass this on and let others know that in the middle of Spotsy on a rainy and nasty day, a little old lady took the time to make sure to acknowledge...........RICHMOND ROCKS!!!


Richmond does, indeed, Rock!!!

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