Saturday, November 20, 2010

for you "Friend"

you know what? Boo f'ing hoo, buddy. You whine and you whine and you whine about how screwed up your life is. Well, there are people who love and care about you yet all you can do is cry about how tortured your life is. Do you even care about us? Oh you give lip-service to "caring" about the people you've affected. But do you really care? Hmmm, you are the epitome of narcissism. No one's problems are as important as yours, no one's pain is as bad as yours, NO ONE can hurt people as badly as you can... am I right?

Wake up and take responsibility for your OWN happiness and health.
"Bi-Polar is a diagnosis, but it is NOT a license to sit back and relinquish control of your life.

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