Tuesday, June 21, 2005


WOW! I received this email today (names have been changed to protect... yada yada):

Morning Peg,
I wanted to let you and "Jim" know I successfully took the written motorcycle test at the DMV yesterday morning ( Monday). I am now a licensed motorcyclist in the great state of Virginia. As soon as I got home from there I completed a pre-inspection of my bike to make sure it has been staying worthy since I purchased it 3 months ago, back on April 8th. For the first time I went out for a short pleasant ride to celebrate and I don't think there could have been anything in this world that could take the smile off of my face from waiting soooooo long! I about tripled my mileage on the odometer. I am up to 18 miles now.WOW... the early break-in is 50 for my Sportster and then next step is 500. Guess the town where I live is going to see a lot more of me now.
I want to thank both you and Jim for the outstanding work you both did helping not only myself but all who were in your class. You both are "TOP GUN" in my book. My exact thoughts are even if I had not passed the course, the hands on training and instructions were priceless and well taught by the best people around!
Again, I wish to thank you both and want you all to know you have helped set in
stone the basic tools I need to be a good and safe motorcyclist.



Please forward this message on to "Jim".

Gee, I guess the class went better than I thought! I feel GREAT!

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Dawn said...

It means all the difference in the world when the instructor CARES about the subject, like you do, Peg.

Way to go!