Monday, June 20, 2005

Updates... motorcycles and massage

Whew.... busy weekend. I taught a motorcycle class and it was pretty good. But most of the students had a real fear of MOVING, more than 2 mph that is. Geez. Did you know that motorcycles don't like going slooooow? Nope, they sure don't... they tend to fall over when they go slow. Gravity... it's the LAW! Ah well, all but two students passed and the two that didn't were greatly improved by the end of the weekend. I hope they come back and take the class again.

A while ago I was whining (yes... WHINING) and then I forgot to update you. My Spa Night on Thursday was wonderful. I think he removed every hair on my body... well, not the ones on my head. And then the massage! Ah, it was fabulous!

I had gotten some bad news earlier in the day and I was feelin' pretty damned bad. But the massage made me feel much better. He virtually massaged my cares away.
... the man is a virtuoso, a true savant.

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Lady Calliah said...

I know I've said this several times, but
I'M JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!