Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Endings... and new beginnings?

I've mentioned that a relationship of mine was coming to an end... it's my marriage, Surprise!
And it is causing me tons of stress. My emotions are swinging wildly, but I'm hanging on. My friends are a Godsend!

recovery will come
it always does that you know
just seems so distant


Lady Calliah said...

oh wow ... I'm sorry peg. *hugs* Keep your chin up.

hearts4you said...

slip sliding away
loves tender thread breaking free
from the pain, rebirth

ct4s said...

from nothingness hope
gentle tears give way to life
your beauty endures

bopkatz said...

truth reveals itself
pain only masks its beauty
free, the soul will soar

kuku-a-go-go said...

freedom lies in wait
adrift the lone heart trembles
reach toward the light

peg said...

Thanks Lady for the encouragement.

And thanks EVERYONE for all the wonderful uplifting haiku.

Bopkatz.... that's especially wonderful.

Lorena said...

yeah, they say time heals but sometimes you wish your can fast forward time to that when you are more or less healed though you can never be completely.
hope you are doing well.