Saturday, August 20, 2005


Have you noticed that some bloggers are so talented. Lady Calliah and Lorena post their awesome photos on their blogs. They inspire me... unfortunately I don't indulge my love of photography nearly as often as I'd like. You'd think I would... since I bought the digital camera... it's so much easier. But no, I usually have it with me. I just seem to forget all about it.

Years before the digital camera, I took a Photography class. You know... where you actually learn about apertures and exposures! Wow... who does THAT anymore? I did my photo essay on a nearby Famous cemetary. The Crepe Myrtles were blooming and the slides were great... AND it earned me an A. I need to find those slides and convert to photos (I even have the attachment for the scanner to scan transparent slides). Maybe then I'll post them here and I'll be able to hold my head high in the company of you TALENTED folks. Maybe...

Here's a photo I took a while back with the digital (I'm still a purist... I don't think the digitals have the magic of 35mm).



Peggasus said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. We have thousands of dollars worth of 35mm Nikons and lenses and filters just gathering dust now. I took a few classes too, way back when. It seemed somehow more worth it to take a really great picture back then when you actually had to know alot about a number of different things: apertures and f-stops and such. I have even (gasp!) developed my own pictures. Who does that now? Ah, for the good old days.

All that aside, I think that your picture is just lovely!

Lorena said...

well this photograph is amazing. i do hope you hurry and take pictures so you can share your talent with us! thanks for leaving such nice words at my blog and in this post. it means a lot. i'll be linking you as well.

beautiful photograph :) looks like a painting.

Lady Calliah said...

That's a gorgeous photo, peg!

Dana said...

That is beautiful! Where did you take the picture?

peg said...

Western Hanover County, Virginia

Zube Girl said...

That's a great photo! I love the fog/steam.

Rick said...

Great photo. One of the poets from the Tang Dynasty could do it justice. In lieu of that, how about this:

Dark sky
cold autumn rain
better to stay inside
another log on the fire
warms us

Best Regards,


"though my neighbors are all barbarians, and you, you are a thousand miles away, there are always two cups at my table."
- Tang Dynasty