Wednesday, August 31, 2005

with hearts breaking...

the sound of your voice
you might have gifted me that
with perfect reason
YOU could have been the one to call me
many fantasies
could that be all we have now?
will we touch again?


Nikky Egland said...

I could never write a haiku - kudos to you!

peg said...

technically it's Senryu...not haiku. Haiku deal with nature where senryu are a little more open... emotions, etc.
But Senryu Venue wasn't very catchy.
Thanks for commenting!!

Lorena said...

didn't know this about senryu and haiku.

well very short and sweet.
the last one, we can all relate too.

Rick said...

Very nice. I think haiku is all about capturing a moment.

Here's something for you -

Linked Haiku and Cinquain

Blowing leaf dances
skillfully eluding me
I rake patiently.

We're holding hands
The campfire is burning.
No one is speaking.

We resonate
Over many miles
She smiles as she's reading this,

peg said...

Very nice, Rick. Thanx!!

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