Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today is: 2007年1月2日 星期二 丙戌年十一月十四

Of course, that's by the Gregorian Calendar...

the Chinese New Year begins on 2/18/2007

Okay, so I'm a day late. I was vegging yesterday.
I have a big muscle test on Thursday and was I studying? Nope, I feel really bad about that but I just sat on my ass most of the day. I did do a little cleaning and some laundry... but mostly just watched TV. Actually, I do pretty well with the ole Last Minute CRAM for the EXAM, but I'd like to say my new year's resolution is to study more this year. We'll see.


haikuda-dancedallnight said...

Happy New Year

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Happy New Year!

Rick said...

年 year
月 month
(January 2nd, 2007)

星 star
期 period
二 two or second
丙 third sign in Chinese calendar
戌 11th zodiac sign
年 year
十 10
一 1 (10 + 1 = 11th)
月 month
十 10
四 4 (10 + 4 = 14th)
? day? (omitted?)

I'm not familiar with the Chinese reckoning of years or with the Chinese zodiac, but I looked up the characters, and this is what you have.

peg said...

I'm not familiar with it either... I got it at the site (http://www.chinapage.com/newyear.html) I linked in the post.