Thursday, January 25, 2007

code words...

I say lots of things... and I say them often...
"I love you"... yup, I say that a lot. There are several people I do, Truly love.
"I want you"... uh huh.... there is someone that I want... almost all of the time.
"How are you feeling today?"... and when I say it, I really mean it.
"I care about you", "I'd like to help", "How can I make it better?", "I'm listening"
I call often, I text often, I email often.... okay, maybe too often. So sue me...

BUT when I say, "i need a hug" it's a kind of code. I don't say it that often... and I don't say it to many people.
It's code for "I'm hurting", "I need a shoulder to cry on", "I need comforting", "I need someone who really cares about me"

almost human now
striving to overcome it
despair's a deep pit

How is it that you can fix physical pain so well, but are so unwilling to deal with emotional pain?? Your's, mine, anyones?


Lady Calliah said...

cuz then you have to examine the origins, and they're not always pretty, me thinks.

Rick said...

Beyond closed door
Unseen stranger feet away
A heart is waiting.