Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crucible of my soul...

Change is hard... sometimes it's downright painful. Saying goodbye to a relationship, even if it's toxic, is very difficult.
Perhaps I'm outgrowing some of the relationships I've had for many years. People I have loved are changing. Or are they? Maybe I was just blinded by my feelings for them. Maybe I am seeing exactly who they are (and have been?). I've been mocked by these people... people I've loved. They've talked behind my back and smiled to my face... well some have smiled, some have just stopped talking to me all together.
I still love them... oh, I really love them. I just don't always like them. And now it seems I'm feeling a kind of grief... a slow and tormenting grief... a Loss.
On life's journey we make friends, we exchange our gifts. Hopefully, those gifts are cherished.
Perhaps I expect too much from these relationships. Is it expecting too much to be cherished as I cherish them?
Really... Is it?


Rick said...

Sonnet IV: I'm standing by the fire

I stand here late at night, beside a roaring fire
With a handful of old poems that I wrote for you before
My head tells me to throw them down into the pyre
My hearts says hang on to them, fool, just for one day more

I knew you could not be my muse forever
Missing your hair, and voice, and face is my regret
I'll cherish every moment that we had together
Even though, the saddest thing is that we never met

Upon you for this I can not now lay the blame
Flower of springtime, I'm destined for fall
Before you go I must thank you, my life is better since you came.
Though late at night, your name I'll sometimes call

It's nearly dawn, the fire dying, stars fade one by one
I'm standing here with old poems, waiting for the sun.

Rick said...

Strawberries and Champagne

Lasts forever.
One day you will leave me.
The natural order of things.
No blame.

Your scent
Will linger here
Charged with memories
Of strawberries and champagne
We share.

You kiss
Me goodbye. As
You go, I will enjoy
The view, watching as you walk

But first,
Tonight, I will
Make sure that is the last
Thing on your mind, at least 'til

Rick said...

Spring Rain

Lasts forever.
Another red sunset
Lonely nights are growing shorter.
Spring rain.

peg said...

Oooh, I love "Spring Rain"!
Thanks, Rick.