Saturday, May 12, 2007

Human Energy Field... go on... touch me!

Well, KittyCat...
You never cease to surprise me! Here I thought I had you figured out and then you knock my socks off again (if you're gonna do that, I wish you'd just take the rest of my clothes off me and then we can have some real fun). So, you can sense, feel, transfer bio energy? That's so damned cool!
I've recently started to see some auras... very very faintly, and only with some people. So I completely believe in the energy fields. But can I manipulate those fields? Hmm, maybe... but I have no real proof of it. People say I make them "feel" better. Is that simply massage of muscles? Or could it be a "massaging" of their energy fields as well? Someone once told me he could feel me massaging his aura... I was going over his body with my hands about 1/2 inch from his skin, a kind of experiment. I was more impressed that he could feel that. But I guess I was actually affecting his energy field in some way.

I KNOW I get energy from clients when I massage them. I feel much better physically when I massage. If I go days without massaging someone, I feel like I'm getting ill or at least I feel low on energy. But I, as yet, cannot actually FEEL that energy transfer.

I'm so jealous, KittyCat. When you touched me tonight... I felt a kind of tingling whether you were actively trying to take energy or give it. I felt a tingling along the sides of my face both times. I keep hearing that these metaphysical things can be learned. I sure hope so. I'm so willing to learn.

Keep surprising me, Girl! Knowledge is such a turn on!
Love you.

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