Wednesday, June 27, 2007


what might we do, sir?
if we had some time... time to
pleasure each other?

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Rick said...

A cinquain:

Dark Restaurant.
Her hand is on my thigh
Waiter doesn't see her unzip
My fly.

... and something a bit longer (pun intended)...


Who knew that on this trip
I'd meet a poetess from the list
Having dinner in person.

A nice little miniskirt
You're wearing for me now.
You're sexy beyond my imagination.

So nice to discuss our poetry in person,
With your hand upon my thigh.

That bottle of wine is getting empty.
The dining room is getting warm, don't you think?
Maybe we should find somewhere
A little less crowded.

Let me take you by the hand
As we walk out of the room.
Pretending to be lovers,
To fool the maitre'd.

So tell me, what would you
Like to do