Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Winster games...

I thought I'd share a new gaming site I found, it's called Winster. The poker game is pretty cool. You can share cards with other players. It's a pretty brainless game but it's fun.

If you use my LINK here, I get points so I can continue playing for free.

So far I haven't found anything bad or annoying about the site and you can play free each day for a limited time.

Check it out!

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nannytazz said...

I've been playing on winster all night nd was having a great time until a couple of things happened.
I cashed in two jp's @ 16,000 points each and another board @ 500 points.not a single one of the three large point wins show up on my point score.A couple of other players had the same problem.
How do we get our points?
I also invited friends to get exta points and spins immediatly,but that didn't happen either.
My daughter was sitting beside me on her lap top and wanted to join because I was having a ball and she wanted to get an invite an invitation.I sent them several times but she never recieved the first one.
Am I doing something wrong? or is there a problem wth winster?
Is their any way to contact someone about this?
I'd lik to resolve this because I realy like the site.
Thans for any help