Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got your Tweet... Right here!

OH MY GOD! Like I needed another thing to eat up my time!
Granted, I'm pretty much a captive audience while at the day job (I ain't goin' nowhere)... but really!

I discovered a couple of months ago and I was hooked. I belong to almost every social networking (more like social playing) site there is... like myspace, facebook, irovr, fubar, even Karaoke Junkies... anyway, I found twitter and it really appealed to me. Maybe the fact that I write poetry with such tight restrictions as to word count... maybe that's why I love this "social updating" where you can only use 140 characters per message. I've always seen my haiku as tiny snapshots of my mood at any given moment. is tiny snapshots of your life that you share with the world, or with just the people you choose.

At Twitter... you "Tweet"... that's the verb. When you post an update you are "tweeting". Each post is a "tweet" and each member is a "tweeter".
So you tweet to your peeps! If it's someone you really like... then they're "tweeties"!
Got it?

And on top of that... there's twittervision! A phenomenal waste of time... but such FUN!

G Dewald writes about it here on his blog:

You know, I'm running out of time in the day for reading all my feeds, tweeting on twitter, blogging, and buying friends on myspace... I need more hours in the day!

your life, all wrapped up
hundred forty characters
ah, succinctness rules!

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