Friday, June 06, 2008

something in the water??

I'd like to know just what the hell is going on with my friends lately.

So many of them are having a really hard time.
I mentioned this before in my post Dichotomy.
My best buddy, C has been living a nightmare for over a year now. He's plugging along but it is so hard for him. I do what I can... but really, what can I do?
My friend T.J. has a less than favorable diagnosis and he too is living life as best he can. He's a fighter. And he has the love of his Sarah to keep him warm and he has many good friends.

Then there is my love, P.M. who is having trials and tribulations to deal with too. Being distant seems to be how P.M. deals with this particular problem. But that's not "how I roll" (if you don't mind me using the latest catch phrase). As I said yesterday... I have to FIX things. When I can't I agonize. So, again, What can I do?

I'm here...
I'm here for C and I'd do anything to help him.
I'm here for T.J., I listen when he wants to rant. I try to attend his karaoke gigs whenever possible... I try to be available.
And as for P.M., I love you and I'm here whenever you call and feel the need for companionship. I await your call or your email or your text... every moment of every day.
As I said in my post yesterday... I'm so very thankful to have had time with you recently and I look forward to the next time.

My life has been going so well... I only want to share it with my friends. I try to be up-beat and cheerful because I believe good vibes are so very important.

As Natalie Merchant sings: Life is Sweet!
I want you all to experience it the way I do.
I love you guys... so, so much!

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