Thursday, May 05, 2005

all hail the northeastern domme

You know, when I first created this blog ... I joined every blog directory I could find. I submitted my url to lots of search engines. Took some time, but I hit most of them.

But nothing has brought traffic to my site like Lady Calliah. She just started her blog (A Kinky Woman's Guide to the Universe) in April.

She describes herself thus: "I am a kinky woman. I am a Domme by nature. Be fair warned. I may post adult stuff. That's not a promise, just a warning."

I can't remember if I left her a comment first or she me... but since then I've gotten so many hits directly from her site it almost makes the directories insignificant.

This is my tribute and thanks to her. If you are so inclined, check out her blog and be prepared to worship.

wit, charm, cat-o-nine?
the lady commands us all
google can't compare


secret-ary said...

oooh, beat me, spank me
make me write bad checks mistress
bend me over please

Lady Calliah said...

Oh My God HOW COOL! I've never had anything written about me, so thanks so much just for that! I'm glad people are finding your blog through mine - I really enjoy coming here and reading.

Oh and secret-ary? Anytime ;)