Sunday, May 22, 2005

i'll beg.... oooh, love that title

WOW, I got a mention on another blog!
At I'll Beg ... Kasey, you made my day (and gave me a ton of hits in one day). I hadn't even checked here when Lady Calliah told me I had a mention... woooohoooo! Here's the post. I haiku'd Kasey right back in the comments section ... here it is:

if I scream out loud
cover my mouth with left hand
your right is busy


2hot4sure said...

perverse screams haunt me
my soul is no longer mine
the whip calls my name

luv2hiku said...

jagged breath escapes
soft moans, staccato whimpers
sweet sounds of my pain

nu2ku said...

soft ropes bind my feet
hands tied above my bowed head
red cheeks betray me

peg said...

oh, nu2ku... a REALLY nice one!

gogogodzilla said...

eyes covered by silk
tender flesh kisssed by leather
silent screams of fear

ondeprowl said...

hey, these are kinda kinky

peg said...


whoozamook said...

kinky thoughts bring shame
hot, wet screaming howls of guilt
again and again

Lady Calliah said...

wow... these are hot!

kasey said...

Wow, you got lots of hot poems -- this was a fun collaboration. I so enjoy reading the kinky side of people's creative minds.