Thursday, May 19, 2005

dejection: (di-'jek-sh&n) noun: lowness of spirits

What a foul mood I'm in today! I have no idea why... hormones maybe, DAMN them anyway.
Do you know what really bites? That everyone I care about is too wrapped up in their own lives to even NOTICE I'm in a shitty mood! And god forbid they should try to make me feel better.....

Well, you'd think that little whining spree would make me feel better.... NOPE! Not a bit!
Nothing to do but write depressing poetry.

a hole, cavernous
dark, yet sanguinely waiting
for... a light? a spark?
how to survive it?
this maelstrom of emotion
up, then down and back
humor the downcast
make her feel she's so much more
fuel her shameless need
ever present tears
striving now to banish them
bitter do they taste


Lady Calliah said...

AWwwww, So sorry about your yucky mood, peg!

*pours you another* Here, this one's on me :)

songsungblu said...

falling tears stained blue

how heavy emptiness weighs

each breath belabored

g-strung said...

hey...lighten up

life is sweet, yet short
let not one day escape you
devour each moment

blog-o-rama said...

snaps to g-strung...

her heart's voice crys out
unrequited melodies
passion's song echos

hope2play said...

wet kisses burn hot
her touch electrifies me
i shall be consumed

myleftnut said...

lifes spark glows dimley
memory yeilds no shelter
trembles of cold fear

gogogodzilla said...

depraved dettachment
swept away on passion's tide
drunk with desire

got2meetu said...

lively up yourself
rub against something hard, hot
let the juices flow

peg said...

Lady, Thanks for the drink. I needed it. I'm feeling a little better today (Friday).

songsungblu, g-strung, blog-a-rama, hope2play, myleftnut, gogogodzilla and got2meetu (did I leave anyone out?)- WOW... you guys sure have been busy! Thanks for the poetry.