Saturday, February 10, 2007

i want my endogenous opioids...

touch... yes, touch is key
be it gentle or intense
pain is relative

will you talk to me
my desperation begs it
can you spare the time?


Dawn said...

I want a whopper w/cheese.
and my body back (in that order) :)

Witty Woman said...

Not sure if you'll remember me, but back in April 2005 you left a message on my 8th October 2004 posting (about Celine Dion haunting my computer) saying you wanted more of my stuff.

Well ... I've sorta been missing since I made that last post, but I'M BACK!!! I've only made one rather pathetic post so far, but more is to come.

This may totally make your day/week/month/life, or it may leave you totally unmoved. Either is acceptable to an Eccentric Bohemian Hermit. We're not fussy.