Monday, February 05, 2007

let's get something straight...

Didn't I say from the very beginning that these were my "Ramblings"? This blog is my outlet, my journal, if you will. As I've said, it is a therapeutic way to step outside my own opinions and views to try and see things from other perspectives. It's a repository of my thoughts and my poems and for things I've found that touch me.
Yes, it's in a public forum, it's meant to be read. And I hope it is entertaining... at least some of the time. Maybe it makes you think about similar situations in your life... I hope it gives you a fresh perspective. I'd appreciate it if you tell me when it does.
I used to write (you know, pen and paper?) in a journal. But after a few weeks, that would fall by the wayside. By having this venue... where other's expect me to say something on a somewhat regular basis... this has helped me to help myself... emotionally. And believe me, I thank you so much for reading.

Sometimes, I will write a discussion I need to have with myself to work through some emotions I'm dealing with. Sometimes, it's a discussion I'd like to be having with someone in my life.... as with the last post.

If I write about happenings in my life, I will of course change many things to protect "the innocent" as I know there are a few people reading that actually know me.
Don't believe for a minute you KNOW the people involved... you may suspect... then again, perhaps that is what I want you to do... my form of misdirection. Oh how very surprised some people would be if they new all my truths. Very surprised indeed. You might find you don't know me at all.

By way of an example, read On The Need For Protective Equipment... now, you don't really think that's about Safety Equipment do you?? Come, now...

It seems the last post struck some kind of nerve with Anonymous.
Anon, I'm sorry if I upset you in some way... but, What the heck do you care? What do you know about the situation? Do you know me?
As I see it, the only people in the blogosphere that would have any idea of which I was writing are the principle players... that would be the person I'm speaking TO and the person I was speaking ABOUT, the one who "has been seen in a bad light" (who, by the way, knows what I wrote and approves).
If, Anon, you are who I suspect you to be.... you of ALL people know what it means to have a place to vent your feelings, frustrations, loves, hates, etc. You said, "perhaps you should mind your own business..." Hmm, I thought that's what I was doing. I was writing about a frustrating situation in my life as well as in the life of someone I care deeply about. Or should I say, Someones... because I care very much about both of these people. I always have.
Anon, your's was a pretty hostile response. If, by chance, you are the person to whom I was writing... I'll ask you the same, why not say it to my face?
If you are not that person, then I ask... Is it YOUR business?

Happy Bunny says,


Dawn said...

like I said...


*hugs Peg*

peg said...

Thanks, Dawn!
Never too many hugs... or smacks, or whips, or...

Lady Calliah said...

or clips or clamps or stripes... Yeah, I know :) *G*