Thursday, April 28, 2005

Battle Trax @ National H.O.G. Rally, Richmond

Have you ever heard of Battle Trax? I tried it out at the National H.O.G. Rally here in Richmond last year. I had so much fun!

Emphasizing personal best, rather than head-to-head competition or speed,
BATTLETRAX allows a rider to explore handling and braking limits in a safe,
challenging environment. Laid out on a large parking lot, the BATTLETRAX course features a series of turns, slaloms, and gates that place a premium on smoothness of operation and precise throttle control. Improvement throughout the day is recorded by each lap being automatically timed to 1/1000 of a second. To add to the fun, riders are broken into classes that allow like motorcycles to compete with each other.

my attempt at Battle Trax Posted by Hello

If you ever get the chance to try this out... DO IT!
You really only compete against yourself and it's a great experience.


bopkatz said... that really you? I was at that rally, I was the fat guy with a beard and black t-shirt. I saw that Battle Trax thing...thought it was dueling gobots or something. I watched for a while and I'm pretty sure I saw that chick in the stuff. I tried to approach her when it was over but she got away...oh well, her loss. If she had played her cards right coulda probly got a ride on a fat guys Harley. Maybe next time...

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peg said...

Fat, Bearded, wearing a black T-shirt... at a HOG rally... Really??
Go figure.

Oh, and I've ridden on the back of Fat Guys' Harleys... they block the wind nicely. wink
love ya

peg said...

and YES... that's really me.