Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jueves, Donnerstag, Giovedì... Thursday!

I love Thursdays! Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. Thursday evenings are all mine... my evening to myself...

Wednesday evenings are for Singing Lessons, Fridays are for going out with hubby (usually karaoke-ing), unless I'm teaching... in which case, the whole weekend is "spoken for". Pretty soon, I will be spending my Monday and Tuesday evenings in the Motorcycle Safety office.

So, I usually have something I have to do every evening of the week... except Thursdays.
One Thursday a month, I go for my Steam/Wax/Massage evening... ah! What joy, heaven... complete relaxation! The rest of the Thursdays I can do ANYTHING I want. That usually means sitting on my butt at Starbucks with my pal. I head there right after I get off from work, grab the comfy chairs (woe be to thee who gets there before me!), and we sit and chat for several hours. Oh, and we drink coffee (or sometimes I drink tea or iced coffee).
I'm so bad... I've set my Starbucks card to auto-reload! Isn't that sad?
Well, it's that time! Gotta go!

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cafeaulatte said...

smooth robust flavor
creamy froth tickles my nose
steamy, hot, tasty

cup'o'love said...

freashly waxed, hot, smooth
dripping cream down tender thighs
tongue teasing flavor

peg said...

hey, cup?
is that about COFFEE????