Monday, April 18, 2005

Motorcycle Classes

I taught my first class of the season this past weekend. Saturday was cold... but Sunday was glorious! Had a good class. Two students dropped out on Saturday... guess it just wasn't for them. After all, motorcycling isn't for everyone. They have my utmost respect for giving it a try. The rest of the students passed their Skill Evaluation and are now eligible to get their Motorcycle Operators endorsement. I hope they take my advice and practice (a lot) before heading out on the highways and by-ways. The BRC (Basic Rider Course) is, after all, a beginning. It doesn't mean they are seasoned riders.

new season begins
squeeze and ease, pick your feet up
is it autumn yet?


whipitgud said...

squeeze and ease, gently
kick it in gear,ram it in
pop the clutch, take off

peg said...

No, no, no..... don't POP THE CLUTCH... geez.