Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bluer than blue...

rain keeps coming down
if only in my torn heart
desperation grows

I'm feeling rather blue today. Is it the coming rain? The last few days have been so nice and warm... a tease. And NO, I didn't get a chance to ride my bike... my own fault I guess. It seems there was always a reason to take the truck. Now, I feel cheated. I know, I know... warm weather is coming. I just wish it would hurry up and get here.
And, well... you KNOW it's not just the rain.

please, where have you gone?
why have you abandoned me?
happiness, come back!
my thoughts run rampant
I fear, might I have transgressed?
what could it have been?
will you walk away?
I'm that easy to forget?
implored through cold tears


whizhrd said...

screaming for release
tortured by your decadence
your shame dripping out

Real9 said...

your a freak

peg said...

I will assume you were responding to another post... I really don't think this one in particular rates "you['re] a freak".

Now the one about the Sybian... maybe!