Friday, April 22, 2005

Spirit Voices, speak to me gently...

oh spirit-voices
help me compose my lost thoughts
scurrying from me
wait? no time to wait
it flies by unrecorded
each thought a poem
guilt-ridden to be
speaking with no intent to
write it in haiku
five, seven and five
words need writing in that form
else I feel I've failed
*by the way, "My Thursday" went well. Butts (mine and Pal's) parked in comfy chairs at Starbucks for approximately 3 hours. I then (took the high road) called hubby and asked him to meet me at Texas Grill for a snack and a little karaoke. I sang: Down at the Twist and Shout (Mary Chapin Carpenter), Wonder (Nat. Merchant), All or Nothing (Cher), Mack the Night (Bobby Darin) and Don't Let Me Get Me (Pink). Hmmm, what shall I sing tonight...?

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