Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Divine bovines and the stacatto sound of tax day

from MSNBC's News of the Weird:

  • Kim Chan, 40, of a village in the Cambodian province of Kampot, announced in March that he had a cow that was heavenly possessed and could cure illnesses by exposure to its bodily fluids, but local official Khun Somnang immediately discounted the claim, saying, "We had a holy cow here a year and a half ago (and you) don't get two that close together." [South African Press Association-Deutsche Press Agentur, 3-15-05]

  • A man fled after attempting to rob a shopkeeper in Central Park Plaza in Jacksonville, Ill., in January by first threatening her and then slapping her several times with a fly swatter (January). [Journal-Courier (Jacksonville), 2-1-05]

  • In March in Rajahmundry, India (about 300 miles south of Hyderabad), officials termed "resounding(ly) success(ful)" their tax-collection tactic of sending several teams of two drummers to stand outside the defaulters' homes and pound their instruments until the debtors paid up. [Agence France-Presse, 4-1-05]

  • A pregnant woman named Akono was quoted in a March Agence France-Presse dispatch from London during demonstrations against U.S. policy in Iraq as saying she planned to intensify her own protest by soon going on a hunger strike, reasoning that she wants "to do everything I can to make sure my child has a secure future." [The Peninsula (Qatar)-Agence France-Presse, 3-20-05]


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Lady Calliah said...

LOL It's so much more ironic when you can't make up stuff funnier than what's actually NEWS, isn't it? I saw a newspaper photo, with this pregnant chick, cigarette sticking out of her mouth, complaining that road workers would damage her baby's hearing. LOL Stupid Stupid People.