Friday, April 08, 2005

Patricia Cornwell and short people...

I'm presently reading Patricia Cornwell's Body of Evidence. GOOD BOOK! It starts out in Key West, Florida. Moves to Richmond, VA (home of heroine Kay Scarpetta) and also has some action in Williamsburg, VA. Three of my fav venues (had to use that word)...
especially Key West. I could go on forever about that place, another time perhaps.

Anyway, found this quote in the book today:

"... A significant portion of the human race has no idea what it is like to
be attached to short legs, and I am forever finding myself indignantly pumping
along like a handcar in a world of express trains."

NO SHIT! That's it exactly!!

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Lady Calliah said...

I absolutely LOVE Patricia Cornwell (& consequently Kay Scarpetta) - be sure to get Scarpetta's Winter Table... not just your ordinary cookbook!