Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Reading, or should I say... Consuming...

I have said that my most favorite authors are the ones who capture my attention whether or not the "subject matter" is of interest to me.

They are the writers that I just keep reading, can't help but keep reading. Their words flow and create emotion in my mind and body no matter the subject, the premise, the plot.

I have said that I felt guilty at times, to have picked up a book and begun to read only to find myself struggling. 'Why am I reading this?' 'When is this chapter going to end?' 'WHAT is he/she trying to say?' I'm not unintelligent, 'Why then, am I having a hard time here?'

And I've finished books like this out of this feeling of guilt. Surely this author will reward me in the end, if I just stick it out.

Every once in a while, they do and I'm happy I persevered. But you know... those books are in the minority.

But the authors that Grab me... ah, those are the ones I keep coming back to. Once hooked, I must read everything they've written. And if they've only written one or two books? Well, thanks to the world we are now living in (read here... thanks to the internet and easy contact) I have been known to email them begging for more.

Some of the writers whose work I devour are:

Elizabeth Gilbert

Kevin Brockmeier (a new addition and I'm working on chewing up every piece of his work now)

T M Camp, another recent addition (the past few years - met him on and facebook).

Christopher Moore (also on twitter and facebook)

Gregory Maguire

And of course:

Arthur C. Clarke
Isaac Asimov
David Brin

There ARE of course some GREATS I must also read... but then again, 'Great' to me isn't always the mainstream's idea of Great.

Oh, and there is the wonderful man I'm 'seeing' now... he's an author, working on his first novel. And Yes, his writing is intriguing and fun and I'm constantly asking him for the next chapter.

I suppose if I dedicate myself to reading everything these talented people have produced (and will produce) I'll be occupied for a very long time. But then there are the up-and-coming authors who will surely fall into my "must consume" category... it's a damned good thing I plan to live forever!

So now, to "guilt-reading" I say "No More"! No more time in my precious life for wasted effort. If you don't capture my fascination early on, if you don't treat me well, if you don't entertain... you lose!

And now it seems that this is paralleling my life in general.

I have no more time for people who make no real effort to be IN my life. No time for the angst-filled, self-deprecating, emotional basket cases.

But THAT is another subject for another day!

To my love...