Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

just once I'd like it

to kiss you on the clock stroke

Happy New Year, Love


tears weren't just for pain

at least not the physical

childishly wanting

Friday, December 26, 2008

Can you feel it, My Love?

can you hear me sigh

that quiet murmur of love

sent to you each night?


Pooh said it juuuuust right...

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”

Movie quote of the day...

"...some people, as far as your senses are concerned... just feel like home."

YUP, I'm feelin' that one!!
I love your taste, the sound of your voice, your smell, the feel of your skin...
and I could live in your eyes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

all i want for christmas is you

I've always loved this song, especially this version from the movie Love Actually.
But this year, more than ever, it absolutely says how I feel about you!
If I could have you with me more, it would be a dream come true. BUT my dear, We have what we have and we do what we can.

I love you and you are truly ALL I want for Christmas.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

iphone app - I'm enthralled!

Found this in the iphone app store for $.99!

It's called Spawn Ilumanati by Elements of Design

I cannot put it down, it's mesmerizing.

The pic above is one I created with the app.

You can see videos of Spawn on YouTube.

video 1

video 2

Wisdom from D.E.B.S. ??

It's Sunday, you know, "Sit on my Ass Day" ?
and I'm watching movies.
Right now it's D.E.B.S. a pathetic attempt to cast teen-age girls as pseudo Charlie's Angels (WAIT... Charlie's Angels was a pathetic attempt in it's own right). I say pathetic... and yet I AM watching it.

In my defense there is really nothing else on. Yup, 300+ channels and nothing else on.

I did notice one quote from the movie that caught my attention.
Here it is:

Amy: I think love should be irresistible, like a drug, you know? I think when it happens you should just not be able to help yourself...

It really sucks that this vacuous film hit on my feelings so completely and simply.

Okay, it's not Socrates.
It's not Emmerson or Shaw or even John Lennon.

It IS, however, Dead On and it is exactly how I feel about someone.

That "someone" is MY Drug of choice!

The new Atlee Kroger... Beautiful!

I took this with my iphone on my first visit to the new Kroger store in our area. Their produce section was just gorgeous. The whole store is very nice. I hope it stays that way.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Majel Barrett Roddenberry... 1932 – 2008

Rest in Peace
Gracious Lady
I follow Wil on Twitter, he tweeted today about Majel's death.
She was one of my favorite people in the Star Trek Universe.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

time spent with you...

it is what it is
and yet it's never enough
want more and more and...

Worst 'Roommate Wanted' ad ever...

Oh my god this is freaking hilarious! You must read this post at The GinBlog. It is kinda long but Oh So Worth it.

"This was posted on Craigslist but then promptly removed. I was lucky enough to get a copy via email and couldn’t help but laugh and share... "

To read more, click this link (you won't be disappointed):

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ring-ding, ring-ding... tis the season.

Below is an email from a fellow Harley Owners Group Chapter member.

It's true we (bikers) do a lot of charity events and it's true that a lot of the population think we're just "bikers", "ruffians" etc.

This truly warms my heart.

I went to Michael's today to get some flowers to do some last minute crafts. You know the people who stand outside the stores and hold the bells and gather donations for the Salvation Army, well there was this sweet little old lady out there. She looked so cold. I walked passed her when I went in and she smiled at me and I saw that she noticed my jacket, yes I was wearing my Harley gear. When I came out from shopping I walked over to her and told her that they needed to give them credit card machines, I didn't carry cash and I was really sorry because I felt horrible walking into the store buying myself things and not giving any money to help benefit her cause. She looked at me and smiled, she grabbed my hand gently and said, "Oh my dear dear child, don't you think twice about that, I read in the newspaper about all that you guys do for the children and charities in the area. You all do your part all year round. God Bless your Chapter and may God be with you all always."

So if you can pass this on and let others know that in the middle of Spotsy on a rainy and nasty day, a little old lady took the time to make sure to acknowledge...........RICHMOND ROCKS!!!


Richmond does, indeed, Rock!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Twitter haiku...

You feel connected
a rushing river of thought
hello World, It's me!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered...

having a cold sucks
but medicinal absinthe
with that, I don't care

"Holiday Blues"

holidays coming
my heart is my enemy

i feel so alone

is this now my fate?
did I do this to myself?
pining for your call


Now for something completely different. Until now I thought Moulin Rouge! was Kidman's strangest movie, until "Fur..."

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

In 1958, in New York City, the upper class Diane Arbus is a frustrated and lonely woman with a conventional marriage with two daughters. Her husband is a photographer sponsored by the wealthy parents of Diane, and she works as his assistant. When Lionel Sweeney, a mysterious man with hypertrichosis (a.k.a. werewolf syndrome, a disease that causes excessive body hair), comes to live in the apartment in the upper floor, Diane feels a great attraction for him and is introduced to the world of freaks and marginalized people, falling in love with Lionel. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The critics weigh in on both sides regarding this movie. Many on the down side, siting the "Imaginary" aspect. No matter, I liked it quite a bit... owing, I think, to the fact that some of the characters remind me of persons in my own life. Actually, in many ways I see myself in Kidman's character. Lionel (played by Robert Downey, Jr.) reminds me of someone very important in my life. None of this is because of physical comparisons. It's much more subtle than that and I won't elaborate on that other person's personality or that of the character Lionel.
I'd rather you watched it yourself. And please, come back and tell me what you thought.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

La Fee Verte... part deux

Okay, I'm a little worried.

On my way to my evening job at the clinic I stopped at the ABC Store (for the uninitiated that's the Dept. of Alcohol Beverage Control... because we in Virginia can't be trusted to get our booze from anyone but the gov't. But I digress...).

I was looking for another brand of Absinthe to compare to the one my friend gave me. In addition to the Kübler I found 3 more brands at the store I visited: Grande Absente, Le Tourment Vert & Lucid. I bought the Lucid, mostly because it had two glasses and an absinthe spoon. The flavor is very different from the Kübler which has a very pronounced anise flavor (think very good licorice candy... um... Panda maybe?). Lucid is heavier on the herbal/bitter flavor. Where Kübler has a pleasant flavor Lucid has a more medicinal taste.

BUT Lucid packs a Wallop!

I noticed how my body reacted to Absinthe in comparison to other alcoholic beverages. I used to drink Tequila exclusively then a couple of years ago I started drinking Gin & Tonics. With both, the effect begins with my neck and shoulders, basically a muscle relaxant. But with absinthe the first thing that happened to me was my face got numb, weird but not unpleasant. Then, either the effect wore off or I forgot all about it as I started to feel good all over... just plain GOOD (not to mention a little horny, but that might have been the company more than the drink).

When I fixed my drink of Lucid last night, I used the new glass and spoon and performed the ritual with sugar cube and ice water. That's part of the allure I think.

I noticed how my lips went numb almost immediately... the effect was much more pronounced than with the Kübler. Again, not unpleasant. I'm wondering if the punch of Lucid will make up for the less pleasant taste. Maybe use Kübler for sipping and Lucid for mixing?


I finally went to bed around midnight and woke up... immediately... six hours later. No, really... that's how it felt, my head hit the pillow and then the alarm went off. But not in a bad way, actually I felt rested. When I got out of bed I noticed there was NO PAIN... anywhere. Wow, I hadn't felt this good in the morning since before I ran out of oxycontin... hah.

I was relating all this to my roommate. I said how good I felt then it dawned on me, this might not be a completely good thing.

Mind you, I've always been quite resistant to drugs and alcohol... which probably contributes to my not having an addictive personality (except for my addiction to certain people). But for some reason I was feeling that an absinthe every evening to sleep might not be the thing to do.

I don't drink that much and I rarely drink at home. But my roomy put it in perspective for me.

"Peg, it's only one drink for god's sake"

Heh, okay... Here's to Self-Medication.