Wednesday, August 31, 2005

with hearts breaking...

the sound of your voice
you might have gifted me that
with perfect reason
YOU could have been the one to call me
many fantasies
could that be all we have now?
will we touch again?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Endings... and new beginnings?

I've mentioned that a relationship of mine was coming to an end... it's my marriage, Surprise!
And it is causing me tons of stress. My emotions are swinging wildly, but I'm hanging on. My friends are a Godsend!

recovery will come
it always does that you know
just seems so distant

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


... haven't had a massage in a long time.... grrrrrr!

too harsh to withstand
weeks without touching... so hard.
I need your embrace

Monday, August 22, 2005

I've fallen and I can't get up.....

into the Quiz Zone that is...


You are


You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

just what we need, another quiz...

Well, I don't know how accurate this can be with only 4 questions... but what the hey!

Your Blogging Type is Zany and Charming
You're a popular blogger with a flair for getting attention.
But you're not all fluff - in fact, you're far from it.
Your blog is full of interesting ideas and fun finds.
You're a fascinating person, and it shows through on your blog.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Have you noticed that some bloggers are so talented. Lady Calliah and Lorena post their awesome photos on their blogs. They inspire me... unfortunately I don't indulge my love of photography nearly as often as I'd like. You'd think I would... since I bought the digital camera... it's so much easier. But no, I usually have it with me. I just seem to forget all about it.

Years before the digital camera, I took a Photography class. You know... where you actually learn about apertures and exposures! Wow... who does THAT anymore? I did my photo essay on a nearby Famous cemetary. The Crepe Myrtles were blooming and the slides were great... AND it earned me an A. I need to find those slides and convert to photos (I even have the attachment for the scanner to scan transparent slides). Maybe then I'll post them here and I'll be able to hold my head high in the company of you TALENTED folks. Maybe...

Here's a photo I took a while back with the digital (I'm still a purist... I don't think the digitals have the magic of 35mm).


back to dear Kay....

What I'm reading now...

I'm back to Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was terrific! Like book 5 (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), it ended with circumstances I was not particularly happy about... but it IS magic after all... I'm hoping things will turn out in the end. It is a MUST-READ!

If you haven't clicked on the Paperback Swap link on the left, you should. I'm having a great time with it. I've posted more than 250 books, I've already mailed out 12 that have been requested by fellow members. I've ordered 4 books (FREE) and they've all arrived safe and sound. For every book I send out I get a point... books cost 1 point. SO... I get a book for the cost of postage (about $1.42). Now that's a deal! They even make it ultra-simple to mail the books... you just click to print a mailing wrapper with the recipient's mailing address and bar code... so cool!

Thanks to Lady Calliah for telling me about paperback swap!

Here's another linky thing:

XM... tunes from orbit

So, did I tell you I recently got XM Satellite Radio?? Yup! One of the best things I've ever done. I'm loving it.

I bought the Tao XM2Go portable unit from Satellite Radio Superstore... it's so cool.
(I'm such a geek)

I had to work today... so I'm sittin' here listening to XM and guess what! Channel 6 (60s) has "Planet of the Monkees". That's right, all Monkees... ALL DAY! WooHoo! What a blast... HEY, I SAID I was a geek!

"Take the last train to Clarksville, I will meet you at the station. You can be here by 4:30 'cause I made your reservation, don't be slow. Oh no, no, no. Oh no, no, nooooo "
Yeah, I know... another frightening look into my childhood... heh heh

Monday, August 15, 2005

Wisdom of Dr. Seuss...

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

and my personal favorite:

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
I'm trying!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Which MARVEL Superheroine are you?

for the ladies...

heh heh... I really like this one!
(wish I had those boobs!)

they have a blog too:

shall I give up?

still clinging to hope
how I long to hear your voice
as it used to be
are you there?
can you hear me pleading?
begging... crying

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

someone's got too much time on their hands...

Okay this is mildly disturbing... yet lots of fun!
I only wish there was a male version... it would be rather satisfying...

cold, deafening silence...

was it worth the pain?
yes, absolutely yes! But,
did he feel the same?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Monday, August 01, 2005

"Sailor Bob" Griggs...

I imagine most of you remember Captain Kangaroo or the Bozo show. But when I was small, the Richmond Area had it's own TV personality called Sailor Bob...

One of the station's most popular personalities occasionally reported weather as a secondary assignment. His primary job was host for daily cartoon and science programs aimed toward seven to twelve year-olds. Sailor Bob was a skilled cartoonist who embellished his cloud charts
with assorted characters that displayed smiling or sad faces depending on conditions outdoors. No suitable weather seer was on the staff around the time of transition to WWBT management

I was crazy about this guy. Would have married him in a minute (if I hadn't been seven).
His real name is Bob Griggs. And from what I hear, he's still around. In 1994 he was President of Southside Builders Supply in Richmond and now he's retired.
We had a picture of me sitting on his lap at the State Fair of Virginia... but my mom is even more disorganized than I am... so who knows if I'll ever see it again.

Sailor Bob Haiku:
Captain was a friend
to many a young child, but
Sailor Bob was mine
HAH! When googling for "Sailor Bob" ... I found this classified ad:

Married couple seeks young people willing to pretend to be our children. We have no kids of our own to abuse and would love to abuse you! Emotional, physical, sexual, we love it all. You must be willing to wear Bo Peep or Sailor Bob costume. Respond to Box 8743 c/o this paper.