Thursday, September 08, 2016


I am really enjoying my membership at and their 'good for you' snacks.
First, my 4 Snack Variety Box included:

  • Cranberry & Hazelnut Toasts with Rich Cocoa Dip
  • Peachy Orchard Snack Mix
  • Cherries & Berries (dry fruit mix)
  • Garden of England (dry fruit mix)

On my 2nd week, I received:

  • Veggie Caesar snack mix
  • Nature's Essential Nutrient Nuts
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie snack mix
  • Super Forest Fruits
  • Antioxidant Vit. E Nuts
  • Lightly Salted popping corn
  • Original Fruity Flapjack (granola bars)
  • Pecan Power snack mix
So you see, your first sampler box is free!  You get a new (8 snack) box each week, or you can alter your schedule to make it every other week, once a month... etc. You can also "snooze" your upcoming box/es if you're away on vacation.
The snacks are top-notch.  I thought this was going to be one of those times where I enjoyed a sample from a company and then ended my association with them... cut my ties.  But I can't see doing without these snacks any time soon, they are yummy and convenient.

If you're interested in trying the FREE 4 snack box, Use my Code:
You'll get the free sampler box and you'll also get your 5th 8 count box for FREE too!!  I think you will really enjoy them!  And you can stop your boxes anytime.