Friday, May 30, 2014

Pedestrian or pedantic?

So, anyone who does massage knows that a routine (which is never Really routine, btw) relaxation massage is a good time for the therapist to chill, meditate, mellow out.  We're there and on point, mind you, but we are in the zone and relaxed.  Honestly, it is just as relaxing for us as for the client.  Anyway, during two or three different massages I have, in my head, written an entire article tentatively entitled "What your therapist won't tell you (but probably should)." Yes, indeed, I've 'written' the whole damn thing only to walk out of the massage room forgetting every word except the general concept.  I keep trying to get it on paper but... oh well, it's a work in progress.

Somewhat unrelated, though not entirely so, I have decided to return to my blog in earnest and try to post on a daily basis.  As I am finishing my massage article or until I start a new one... you will be enjoying (grinning and bearing?) some pointless yet entertaining drivel.  You're welcome!

Oh, here's one to start!  All together now...

Note: in the vid you hear me yell "it's my theme song".  Just to point out, I do not mean I am "evil" necessarily.  The motorcycle I used to ride was a HD Sportster with an EVOlution engine.  So, my license plate said "EVO WMN"  GET IT?? heh heh
Okay, maybe I AM a little evil.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

What the heck is Spritzing?

So, as this article quips, apparently Spritzing is a 'thing' now.

First, let me say I LOVE technology.  I love the internet and most of the joys it has brought us.  I am truly "Plugged in" and I rarely have the desire to disconnect.  But I'm also an avid reader, a reader for pleasure.  It became pleasurable for me in spits and spurts.  I have always been an easy learner and I retain a lot of what I learn. But, I was one of those "slow readers", one of those children placed in a 'special' reading class.  I can remember it as somewhat embarrassing for me.  Why the education system deems it useful to stigmatize a child as a "slow reader" is subject for another post.  All in all, it didn't do me too much damage.  I graduated from the public school system near the top of my class.

I have a theory that my "slow reading" actually helps me retain information.  I find it necessary to read every single word or I feel like I'm a slacker of sorts.  This is why I have never wanted to take a Speed Reading course, skipping words just feels wrong to me.

Now, there is Spritzing.  Spritz is a speed reading app.  The app works by flashing words or groups of short words in quick succession into one stationary window.  I'm a little intrigued as this is not a skipping of words technique.  But, as I can see using this for articles, text books and other nonfiction reading material it just doesn't appeal to me for leisure reading.  When I read a novel I want to caress each word, ponder it and move on to the next in my own time.  Granted, it takes me a while to finish a good sized book.  But, it IS pleasurable.  I may very well download the app and give it a try but I will continue to read novels in the way I always have... slowly.  Heck, I just recently embraced ebooks and I'm still trying to convince myself that audiobooks are not Cheating!

Check out this article on HuffPost, it sums up my thoughts quite well:

In Defense Of 'Difficult' Books